With geometric stone shapes sweeping the jewelry industry, it’s no wonder we’ve been seeing such dazzling designs. From classic boxy shapes like Princess and Radiant to more eclectic shapes like Emerald and Asscher, there’s a world of possibility when designing a custom engagement ring that showcases a geometric center stone. 

Learn about each of the top geometric stone shapes and find out what sets them apart from the rest to find the perfect one for your new adornment. 



Arguably the most unique of all stone shapes, Asscher cut stones have a few distinguishing characteristics. For starters, it is a step-cut design meaning it features straight facets that look similar to a staircase when viewed up close. This makes for a different kind of sparkle as it emits long flashes of light in comparison to the disco-ball like sparkle that brilliant cuts feature.

Asscher cut stones also feature cropped edges that enhance their geometric appearance. While most settings will slightly hide these edges, certain settings—such as bezel—will allow the cropped edges to be an integral part of the overall design.


Similar to the step-cut facets the Asscher shape features, Emerald also shows off elegant flashes of light. This shape is popular in vintage designs as it resembles the popular Art Deco style of the 1920s. But unlike the Asscher, this shape is an elongated rectangular that looks stunning as a solitaire or accented style.

Though it does feature cropped edges, this shape’s defining design elements come from its unique but timeless look.


As the second most popular shape, Princess stones have been, and will always be, a top choice for both engagement rings and wedding band accent stones. From their classic square shape to their dazzling sparkle, it’s no wonder they’re so easy to pair with almost any setting style.

Whether the focal point of a ring or added for dainty side stones, you can’t go wrong with the simple shape of a Princess stone.


This shape may look similar to Emerald, but there are some major differences between the two. First off, while the Emerald shape has step-cut facets, the Radiant shape has brilliant-cut facets. This means it features all-over sparkle similar to the look of a Round making it perfect for glammed-up designs.

So if you like the elongated look of emerald but want something a little more sparkly, try designing your engagement ring with the unique dazzle of a Radiant.

Which geometric stone shape inspires you? Tell us in the comments!