It may not be a surprise that fancy stone shapes are all the rage right now. From Emerald to Trillion, there are so many unique shapes to consider for your engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry. But the biggest trend in stones right now is the Oval shape. This stone has all the captivating brilliance that a Round Brilliant has, but includes extra features because of its unique shape. Find out what makes Oval stones so popular to help you decide if it’s the right stone cut for you.

About Oval Cut Stones

Oval Cut Stones

Oval cut stones are considered a fancy shape and are now extremely popular as center stones for engagement rings. They are a modified brilliant cut which means they are precisely cut to have the most fire and brilliance possible.

This shape is popular, not only for its brilliance, but for its unusual characteristics. Because the silhouette of an Oval is oblong, it looks thinner than other cuts. Fortunately, this specific feature causes a slenderizing appearance when worn on your finger. So your fingers will look more slender when wearing an Oval shape than other fancy shapes. This slenderizing effect is also seen in Marquise stones, as they also have a thinner appearance.

In addition to these benefits, Oval stones have one more important characteristic. Because the stone is shaped north to south, it actually appears larger than a usual shape, such as Princess. So a one carat Oval stone may appear larger than a Princess, merely because of the weight distribution of the stone. You may choose to size down slightly because of this appearance, which may save you money on your engagement ring.

The Difference Between Oval and Round

Although an Oval shares similar benefits as a Round Brilliant, like excellent fire and brilliance, there are some major differences between the two.

One big difference between the two stones is cut style. Round Brilliants have a much more precise cut than Ovals do. Depending on who is cutting the stones, Ovals can be created to be more elongated, while others may be cut wider. This is because there is no perfect table or depth percentage like there is for Round Brilliant. It will be up to the wearer to decide if the cut is beautiful enough for everyday wear.

A major benefit of Oval stones is that they may cost less than Round Brilliants. This is because Round Brilliants have the true ideal facet pattern for fire and scintillation, meaning they will always refract and reflect light in a better manner than all other stones, even Oval—though the difference is minor. This means you can save money by choosing a stone that has almost the same amount of brilliance as the most costly stone shape.

How to Design with an Oval Stone

Oval stones look mesmerizing in most engagement ring settings. They are extremely versatile and can take many different styles. Here are some of the most popular setting styles for Oval cut stones.


Halo settings are extremely popular for engagement rings. They feature a center stone, most commonly Oval or Round Brilliant, surrounded by a ring of smaller accents. This makes for a captivating style with an abundance of sparkle. Ovals are great for halo settings because the extra ring of stones can also make the stone appear larger. So not only will the stone itself appear larger, but the accents will enhance this feature even further.

Prong Setting
A prong setting is an excellent addition to an Oval stone. Not only will the prongs protect the center stone from damage, but they can also raise it higher to accentuate the look and draw more attention to it. Plus, there are multiple styles of prongs—like shared or claw—that you can choose from to add extra detail to your engagement ring.

Side Stones

Oval center stones look great next to smaller side stones. From three stone to accents, adding extra sparkle will maximize the brilliance of an Oval. A popular way to pair stones is to add colored stones, like sapphire or ruby, next to colorless stones. Choose a color that represents something important in your life to add a special hidden meaning to your engagement ring.

An Overview of Oval Stones

Now that you know about Oval stones and their captivating features, you can decide if it’s the right choice for your engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry. Weigh the benefits with other stones you’re thinking about to make sure you choose a style that you will be happy with for years to come. No matter what style you decide on, Oval stones are a great choice for any custom design.

Oval Stones

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