When halo engagement rings first came into fashion, they were intended as a way to make the center stone appear larger. These days, the halos are becoming more intricate and unique. They are now design elements more than a trick of the eye to make a simple ring appear bigger. These are some of our favorite creative custom halo rings.


The scalloped silhouette and milgrain metalwork give this design a lacy look. The accent stones in the halo are quite small and spaced apart, so the rose gold allows the center Oval cut stone to pop. The eight prongs echo the milgrain detailing and the small accents on the band balance the design of this stunner.


The use of asymmetry is trending in jewelry design. In this piece, the halo does not encompass the entire center stone. Instead, it cleverly uses graduated Round cut stones leading to an inverted Pear cut accent that mirrors the sharp point of the main Pear cut center stone. The effect is detailed and interesting, subtly drawing inspiration from the shape of a Marquise cut stone.


Though set with a Round cut stone in the center, the rounded square shape is turned 45-degrees to create the illusion of a kite-set ring. The halo stones are set within channel walls that make the ring more durable and give it a sleek, modern design. The shank is integrated into the halo itself, giving this piece a bit of extra detail.


This design looks simple and sleek from the top, with hidden side details that reveal its romantic nature. Using two metal tones and metalwork, the effect is of a flower when viewed from the side. The center stone blooms from the petals.


Again, asymmetry is used to create a balanced, visually striking design. This dainty piece shows how subtle asymmetry can create a sense of visual balance and surprise. The halo is created with different sized Round cut accents set around a Pear cut center. The larger accents along the bottom balance the design against the sharp point at the top. It feels elegant, dainty yet modern.

How would you create a unique halo ring?