Who says you have to have a diamond in your engagement ring? Not us. And not our customers, who work with our designers to bring creative, colorful designs to life. Read on to learn about different colored stone choices.


With its rich red color, rubies have long been associated with love, passion and power. It is a hard, durable stone—along with sapphires, it is second only to diamond in terms of hardness. This makes it a good choice for an engagement ring. We love the look of rubies set in yellow or even rose gold, because the warmth of the metal brings out the depth of color in the stone.


Emerald makes a unique, eye-catching center stone for engagement rings. This gem was historically associated with growth, balance and peace. It is a softer stone, so while it is a lovely choice for an engagement ring, it may require more care to prevent scratches. The deep green complements nature-inspired jewelry designs beautifully, and makes a stunning centerpiece for a halo style. Emeralds are typically set in white or yellow gold, which contrasts with the dark green and makes the stones pop.


Sapphires have been growing in popularity for engagement rings. The stones traditionally represent nobility, truth and faithfulness, so not only are they beautiful, but there is depth of meaning behind a sapphire engagement ring. Like rubies, sapphires are quite hard and durable. They look equally stunning in white or yellow gold settings, and are very popular as the center stone for a halo.


Canary color stones are trending in engagement rings as brides look for new ways to express their personalities. These yellow-hued stones are gorgeous and so versatile. They are stunning as solitaires, yet their boldness can also stand up to very detailed designs. We love them set in yellow gold to create a mono-chrome effect.


Rose pink stones are unique but growing in popularity as morganite and pink simulated stones have become more popular. It’s a super feminine, romantic look. We love them in white gold, or set in rose gold with rose accent stones to create an all-over pink look.


More and more brides are opting for semi-precious stones; opals in particular are becoming more popular. With their shifting colors, opals can be used as the centerpiece of a design, or as accent stones. It’s important to know that opals are quite soft, and can be prone to cracking. They should also be kept out of water and away from chemicals. If you plan to be very gentle with your ring, opals could be a lovely choice.

What color stone would you use in an engagement ring design?