Who We Are

We are Forever Artisans™

Our studio in Wisconsin is a special place. We work hard. We are committed to each other. And together we make delicate, intricate pieces of custom jewelry. It is art.

We make all sorts of adornments, but mostly we make icons of love.

That’s a heavy responsibility, because every minute someone looks down at their hands, the ring on their finger connects them to the person they love. That motivates us. Every edge, every bevel, every precious millimeter of each ring we create has meaning and purpose. Your perfect ring, like your love, should last forever. Your ring should be handed down to your children, and your children’s children. It should be all that you dreamed, and it should be a reflection of what’s in your heart.

Crowning Achievements

In 2009 Forever Artisans was chosen to design, craft and execute three crowns for NBC/Universal’s Miss Universe Organization. All three crowns were created in our Wisconsin Forever Artisans studio. No ordinary assignment, the fabrication of these intricate, precise, and beautifully balanced pieces was worthy of universal accolades.


Miss USA Crown

The ethically grown Nexus Emeralds celebrate Miss USA’s commitment to harmony with nature. 51 stones grace the oval centerpiece to celebrate the 51 women who compete in Miss USA each year.


Miss Universe Crown

The theme of the crown is peace. The rubies are ethically grown Nexus Stones, and are a reminder of the organization’s ongoing commitment to HIV awareness and education.


Miss Teen USA Crown

The crown’s interlocking circles represent friendship: Miss Teen USA is committed to anti-bullying. The crown features 876 white and rose colored Contemporary Nexus Stones.

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