Use your time to create an expression of love together. Our designers are online to help get you started.

Why Design With Us

Your relationship has a story. So should your ring.

When a woman tells a friend she just got engaged, the first response is “Let me see your ring!” Just like your relationship has a story, the story of your ring should be something worthy of telling, over and over again.

Your engagement ring is an icon of your story, singular to your relationship. It should reflect the personality of your love. By designing your own ring, you can tell that story in every facet.

Custom Rings

Conceptualizing a ring is remarkably easy. You don’t have to be creative.

Once you confirm a final design, the ring is forged just for you. The craftsmanship is comparable to a ring from Tiffany or Cartier: quality metals, elegantly tapered and beveled, with prongs that seamlessly rise and hold the stones securely. Our standard for quality is among the highest in the industry.

We’re going to tell you a dangerous secret

There is absolutely no reason to use stones that are mined from the earth. Today’s stones, which are grown in a lab, like flowers in a greenhouse, are in all ways superior to stones found in the ground.

Diamonds are mined in horrific conditions, principally in Africa, by people who make next to nothing for their labor. To say “unfair labor practices and human-rights violations” really means slave labor. Open pit mines and ocean mining destroy delicate habitats worldwide. The devastated areas do not recover for hundreds of years.

Loose Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

These are carbon diamonds that are grown in a lab. They have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds.

Nexus Diamond™ Alternatives

These are lab produced stones that are not pure carbon, but behave like their mined counterparts in every way: they last forever and experienced jewelers cannot tell the difference with a loupe. The difference is that they are uniformly perfect in cut, color and clarity. They are certified the same as diamonds by the A.I.G. and you’ll receive all their certification paperwork. They cost about 70% less than mined diamonds.

Nexus Color Stones

These are lab produced Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires. They are exactly identical to mined stones, except that they, too, are perfect in cut and color. They too are significantly less expensive than their mined counterparts.