How to Design a Full Custom Ring

Combination of Styles

This ring design was a combination of modifying, replicating and designing from scratch. This can be the most in-depth design process, as it combines inspirations from many places into one piece.

Overall Direction

· Replicate the side view of Mary-Kate Olsen’s engagement ring
· Modify a faux bezel design from Pinterest
· Create the use of claw prongs and rope-like band from scratch

Specific Inspo images

Starting Point: Low Profile

This was the most important decision of the process. Sam knew he wanted a low profile piece with substantial metal. Replicating the intricate side design while keeping a low-profile setting narrowed the possibilities for the rest of the design.

Specific Inspo images x2 gif

Compromising for a Rope Element

The layered rope design was impossible to create and keep the low-profile setting; however, Sam was set on including some kind of rope element. The design was changed so the ropes would be hidden. Brittany could still see and enjoy the design detail, but they would be subtle.

3/4 view line drawing (with issues, sharp prongs)

Ready to Wear

The result of the design is true to the original inspiration. The detailed side view, faux bezel, claw prongs and rope elements were all captured in a cohesive way. The pieces that inspired the ring are present, but this ring stands on its own as a unique design.

Approximate Design Time: 3 – 4 weeks
Approximate Cost: $3,198

Based on 14k gold and Nexus Diamond™ Alternative stones

Finished piece images x3

She Said Yes!

Want to see the surprise proposal? Check out Sam & Brittany’s Design Story.

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