Feeling intimidated by diamonds? That’s understandable.

Trying to find the most beautiful diamond within your budget can be frustrating and confusing. How do you ever know if you’re getting the best value for your budget? Can you be sure that the stone was ethically sourced?


Take a deep breath. We’re about to make your life a whole lot simpler.

At Forever Artisans, we mostly use Nexus Diamond Alternatives in our custom designs. These are man-made diamond alternative gemstones that almost perfectly replicate a flawless diamond. And because they’re made in the US, we can guarantee they are ethical and eco-conscious.

Here’s why we use Nexus Diamonds:


The cut of the diamond is one of the most important facets of choosing a stone because it has the biggest impact on how sparkly the stone appears. All Nexus Diamond Alternatives are cut to Ideal Standards—proven to produce the most fire and brilliance. In the mined stone world, less than five percent meet these standards.

Stone Cut Graphic


Just as it sounds, color refers to how much color a diamond contains. This ranges from absolutely clear—known as colorless—to stones that are gray or muddy-looking. The most preferred color is completely colorless (D color). All Nexus Diamonds are completely colorless and rated as D color.

Stone Cut Graphic


The clarity of a diamond refers to flaws and imperfections. These can include internal inclusions and external imperfections, ranging from flawless (having no inclusions or imperfections) to included (having flaws that are noticeable to the naked eye). Every Nexus Diamond is IF rated: That means it’s internally flawless.


The fourth "c" stands for carat weight. This is simply the size of your stone. Choosing carat weight is the fun part because - along with the shape of the stone - it has the most impact on the look of your design. Our designers will be able to help you find the right carat weight to bring your design dreams to life.

We love that each stone is flawless. Every one will take her breath away when she sees the finished design. Because it is perfect. Both for her, and forever. We’ll help you choose the right stone to fit with your design, whether it is a Nexus Diamond or a True Grown Diamond. At the end of the day, it will be completely beautiful and completely true to who she is.


Some of our customers prefer to use our True Grown Diamonds. These are 100% carbon, lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds do have flaws and imperfections, but are guaranteed to be eco- and ethically-conscious.


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